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Emmy Cleaves is one of Bikram’s most respected instructors. She took her first Bikram Yoga class six years before I was born. Emmy is full of endless facts and knowledge. She says that, in order to properly hydrate, you must drink half an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. In other words, a person weighing 160 pounds should drink about 80 ounces of water per day. That’s two liters. I suggest doubling that on days that you know that you’ll be sweating in the hot room for 90 minutes.

Hydration Litmus Test: If your pee is’re adequately hydrated. If not, drink more water!

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Before it gets to you, get some relief.
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It’s too late to start hydrating once class begins, so be sure to drink plenty of water the night before class as well as throughout the day and the several hours leading up to class. Avoid caffeine in all forms: coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.

Your body can basically only do one of two things. The body can generate strong skeletal muscles contractions or it can digest; the body does not have the capacity to do both concurrently. This is why we suggest avoiding meals in the few hours before class. But the same goes for water. When you drink large quantities of water during class, you’re asking your body to start the absorption process. Blood is diverted from the muscles to the digestive organs. The energy is used to warm the cold water and begin the digestion process which makes you weaker. So drink the majority of your water before and after class.

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Imbalances in levels of the important electrolytes — such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium — in the blood can lead to muscle cramps. In addition to incorporating high levels of fluids into the body, you also need a steady intake of electrolytes. Eat a banana before class or drink a coconut water right before you enter the room. This will help replace some potassium which helps to avoid muscle cramping.

Indulge in salty foods when your body craves them. A diet low in potassium and high in sodium may be one of the factors that leads to high blood pressure. However, eating equal amounts of sodium and potassium is recommended to help the body absorb the fluids that you intake.

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