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Private Instruction
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Bikram’s Beginning Yoga class was designed for people of all levels, ages and body types. Anyone can walk in off of the street and take a class. It’s with private instruction that you can truly develop and strengthen your practice. Private instruction is perfect for beginners who feel that they need some personal attention, those who have been practicing for years who may be frustrated or confused about particular aspects of the class, or those who are simply eager for some individualized coaching.

I generally see three types of private clients: the experienced client who wishes to ask some burning questions and to get a

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quick posture overhaul from a technical perspective. For this type of client, what I generally do is walk through the standing series during our initial 90-minute session and complete the floor series in a second 90-minute session (leaving some time for questions.) Then I like to tie it all together in a third session. This format allows me to offer much more than what you'd receive in a general class. I take time to talk and explain and correct and sometimes incorporate some techniques and methodology outside of what is typically taught in a traditional Bikram class. If you're interested, I can delve deeper into the physiological and anatomical foundations of the postures as to provide some additional body awareness.

The second type of client is someone who wishes to pursue private instruction as an ongoing compliment to their daily practice. I generally see this type of client once or twice per month. We discuss what's happening in their regular Bikram classes and work through some different approaches to achieve a deeper comprehension of the postures. I get a chance to monitor their progress with a close eye and to address methods and techniques applied from week to week.

The third type of client is one who has never taken a Bikram class before. I've actually been inadvertently specializing in this particular type of "inexperienced client" for a couple of years. I've found a surprising number of clients who have never taken Bikram and who approach me to get acquainted with the series prior to taking their first group class.

This is generally what I do but I'm also quite flexible in tailoring the sessions to precisely what the client needs. As you can see, I'm flexible in what I offer and how I approach it. Please let me know if you think that one of these options might work for you.

Contact me for further questions or details.