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It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed; it’s completely normal to feel that you have no choice but to give up. But don’t. Don’t give up in any individual posture; don’t give up by leaving the room. But most importantly, don’t forfeit the consistency of your regular practice. The Bikram Yoga Series is rigorous, complex, and challenging but don’t let that phase you.

• When you feel that the heat and the humidity have become too much for you, keep in mind that experts agree that the optimal humidity when considering lung function is between 60-70%. Working out in such a humid environment feels unfamiliar to you but rather than allowing that to intimidate you, have faith that these new sensations are actually helping your body to work more efficiently. Additionally, the heat opens the body safely and increases flexibility.

• With consistent practice over the course of a 14-day period, a complex series of adaptations occur in response to practicing in the hot room which allow the body to better cope with the heat. If you’re able to practice consistently for two weeks, you’ll improve heart rate, body temperature responses, and perceived exertion during future physical activity in any sort of heated environment.

• Don't try to escape. Don't seek out distracting pleasures. Sit with what arises, without allowing your mind to be drawn to the object of your fear or concern. When you do this, an alchemy happens and the energy is transformed. It can turn to joy, peace, or it may simply disappear.

• Remember that the Bikram Yoga Studio is a controlled environment and that your struggles in that room are finite; they will come to an end. Every posture has a specific prescribed duration. You practice managing your finite challenges in the room so that you can be more adequately prepared to face the challenges in life outside of the room — the challenges which do not have a controlled endpoint.

• Adopt an attitude of surrender rather than force. Practice on a consistent basis and you you will recognize improvement.

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